Furnished Apartments & Aparthotels in Santiago, Chile


Apart hotels and Furnished apartments in Santiago and the El Colorado ski resort.

Our company offers fully furnished and decorated apartments and apart hotels in different areas of Santiago, Chile.
Let me explain you how our company works:
In each Santiago district we give a complete description with information and photos of what you can expect in each area where we offer accommodation. So you have a good idea of the kind of apart hotels and furnished apartments we offer and the area where they are located. We work mainly with medium size companies (15 to 40 apartments) but we can also offer you a property that is owned by one single person.


All the information and photos of buildings and furnished apartments you see in each Santiago area on our site are only referential, but please take note that once we send you a quotation, you will also receive real photos of the building, apartment, location map, and its surroundings that we have available for the dates and requirements of your needs. In other words, what you see and read in our quotation will be what you get.

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